Seattle Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

Bad Faith Insurance Disputes

You have paid all the bills sent by your insurance company. All you want is for your insurance company to fairly compensate you for your covered loss. Sometimes insurance companies unfairly refuse to do so. That is called bad faith. Disputes frequently arise over insurance claims. If you believe your insurance company unfairly denied an insurance claim or offered you inadequate compensation, contact one of our attorneys at Peizer & Ziontz, P.S., in Seattle, Washington.

We represent both businesses and individuals in lawsuits about bad faith conduct by insurance companies. Since an insurance policy is a complex document, its terms frequently are subject to dispute. You need a lawyer who knows insurance and will advocate for your rights in a coverage dispute. Our firm will guide you through the insurance claims process concerning:

  • Automobile insurance
  • Homeowner's insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Business insurance

Insurance Claims Denied in Bad Faith

Insurance companies are businesses that consider their bottom line when you make a claim. Under Washington state law, these companies have a legal duty to make a good faith determination about whether they are responsible for paying your insurance claim. When insurance companies deny claims in bad faith, they are liable for the full amount of the claim, attorneys fees associated with litigating the claim, and any additional contractual obligations. We have successfully challenged insurance claims unfairly denied over questions about coverage, the necessity of medical care, the reasonableness of medical treatment, and who was at fault.

At Peizer & Ziontz, P.S., we have represented both sides in insurance claim disputes. This affords us a unique perspective into the claims process that few attorneys possess. We use this experience to your advantage, getting you money to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, property losses, and additional expenses.

If you have question about an insurance claim that was denied in bad faith, get answers from a team of Seattle accident lawyers who really care about you. In order to protect your claim, it is important to speak to us right away. Contact a Seattle accident lawyer at Peizer & Ziontz, P.S., to schedule a free initial consultation.

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